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February 2015: Razia Jan and Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation

January 2015: Rick Frese and his book Concord and The Civil War: From Walden Pond to the Gettysburg Front

August 2014: John Muresianu episode 3 of 3 about improving the American educational system

June 2014: John Muresianu episode 2 of 3 about improving the American educational system

May 2014: John Muresianu episode 1 of 3 about improving the American educational system

March 2014: “Spamalot”

Episode 1: “Discussing Creativity (formerly Creative Conversations): Margaret Crouse Skelly, Poet The Girl in the Orange Dress

Episode 2: “Discussing Creativity: Eleonora Lecei, Artist and Sculptor, Emerson Umbrella”

Episode 3: “Discussing Creativity: Gillian Gill, Author, and Priscilla Stevens, Guest Host”

Episode 4: “Discussing Creativity: The Man Who Came to Dinner”

Episode 5: “Discussing Creativity: Margaret Smith, Arts and Calendar Editor, Gatehouse Media”

Episode 6: “Discussing Creativity: Concord Youth Theatre”

Episode 7: “Discussing Creativity: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Seventh Grade Play at the Carlisle Public Schools”

Episode 8: “Discussing Creativity: Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy”

Episode 9: “Discussing Creativity: Guest Host Margaret Smith and Bruce Marshall, musician”

Episode 10: “Discussing Creativity: Emerson Umbrella’s Morwen Two Feathers and Jules Fiske”

Episode 11: “Discussing Creativity: Concord Players and ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ musical”

Episode 12: “Discussing Creativity: Concord Middle School’s Literary Blog”

Episode 13: “Discussing Creativity: Rebecca Swett, Harpist”

Episode 14: “Discussing Creativity: Elizabeth Johnson, Opera at Concord Conservatory of Music”

Episode 15: “Discussing Creativity: Composing Music, Kevin Maier and Matthew Kiel”

Episode 16: “Discussing Creativity: Deborah Abel Dance Company”

Episode 17: “Discussing Creativity: Maris Platais, Painter”

Episode 18: “Discussing Creativity: Union Hall Coffeehouse”

Episode 19: “Discussing Creativity: JoAnne Deitch, Memoir Editor”

Episode 20: “Discussing Creativity: Cory Atkins and Peter Badalament discuss STEM initiatives”

Episode 21: “Discussing Creativity: Gulli Kula, Weaver”

Episode 22:  “Discussing Creativity: Concord Orchestra with Richard Pittman and Joyce Kulhawik”

Episode 23:  “Discussing Creativity: ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at the Emerson Umbrella”

Episode 24:  “Discussing Creativity: Roxanna Myhrum, Stage Director”

Episode 25:  “Discussing Creativity: Concord Players Remember”

Episode 26:  “Discussing Creativity: ‘The Music Man’ by the Savoyard Light Opera Company”

Episode 27:  “Discussing Creativity: ‘Gregory Maguire, Writer”

Episode 28:  “Discussing Creativity: ‘Reading Groups in Concord”

Episode 29:  “Discussing Creativity: ‘Illumination Opera”

Episode 30: “Nicholas Kitchen, Violinist, and The Cambridge Society For Early Music”

Episode 31: “Richard Pittman and Siri Smedvig, The Concord Orchestra”

Episode 32:  “Bernard Hoffer, Composer, and Richard Pittman, The Concord Orchestra”

Episode 33:  “Allan Winkler, Harpsichord Maker”

Episode 34:  “Peter Sykes, Harpsichordist and the Cambridge Society for Early Music”

Episode 35:  ”Acton Jazz Cafe and the music group Starchild” (not displayed on web because of licensing issues)

Episode 36:  “David Aguilar, Astronomer”

Episode 37:  “Jan Muller-Szeraws, Cellist and the Concord Orchestra”

Episode 38: “Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation”

Episode 39: “Opera and Broadway Showstoppers”

Episode 40: “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

Episode 41: “Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, Crittenton Women’s Union”

Episode 42: “Dr. Malcolm Bryant, Public Health Physician”

Episode 43: “Richard Pittman, Conductor, The Concord Orchestra”

Episode 44: “Stona Fitch, Author”

Episode 45: “Richard Sebring, French Horn”

Episode 46: “John Tischio, New England Opera Club”

Episode 47: “Ferns Country Store”

Episode 48: “Margaret Crouse-Skelly and Geetanjali Akerkar”

Episode 49: “Jeremiah Blacklow”

Episode 50: “Costume Divas” of Concord Players”

Episode 51: “A Taste of India”

Episode 52: “Belle of the Ball”

Episode 53: “Gustav Mahler”

Episode 54: “Anything Goes”

Episode 55: “Mary Wong, Boston Beijing Opera Association”

Episode 56: “Zlatomir Fung, 2013 Young Artist, Concord Orchestra”

Episode 57: “Kathy Lague and Sandy Armstrong”

Episode 58: “Essence of India”

Episode 59: “Anton Bruckner”